Naturally, soil occur in large variety. However soil exhibiting approximately similar behaviour can be put together to form a particular group. the soil can also be put into major and minor groups. Various classification systems in practice place these soils in different groups  based on certain properties of soil.the tests carried out in order to classify the soils are termed as classification tests. The numerical results after conducting such tests are called as INDEX PROPERTIES OF SOIL. The index properties may be further divided into (1) single grained properties and (2) soil aggregates properties.

SOIL GRAIN PROPERTIES are those properties in which individual size of soil is concerned and are independent of the manner the soil is formed. The properties in this category are mineralogical properties such as mineralogical composition, specific gravity of soil , size and shape of grains etc.

SOIL AGGREGATE PROPERTIES are those properties which are dependent on the soil stress history , mode of soil formation and the soil  structure. the soil aggregate properties in soil are of greater significance in engineering practice , since engineering structures are founded or undisturbed, natural soil deposits.

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